Hello to you dear bloggers,
I heard about this blog through my cousineJ, and I was really happy to know that a blog for Dr. Mohamed Guessous was created.
I am eager to share my experiences with you and also to tell you that Dr. Mohamed Guessous is a good surgeon and that a person with a big heart and who does his job with passion.
Since adolescence I tended to be round, following a diet and therefore a significant weight loss, I lost my chest that bothered me the most is that it was mostly falling .
I decided to use assets to cosmetic surgery for a breast lift, many people around me have advised Dr. Mohamed Guessous. I contacted the doctor Dr Mohamed Guessous. Once the consultation I was reassured and the doctor was able to find the words to put me at ease and explain each step of the procedure and also the postoperative.
This story to tell you that my surgery was a success and currently I am unashamedly, I want to thank Dr. Mohamed Guessous for its beautiful craftsmanship as mentioned in the letter of Mr Michel for cosmetic surgery is above all an art.
Also a big thank you to all medical personnel Guess clinic for their warm welcome and their availability.

 — Cathy Gary (From USA)

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