Dr. Mohamed GUESSOUS

Dr. Mohamed GUESSOUS completed a comprehensive education, first at teaching hospital then in distinguished private hospitals in France (Paris, Toulouse…), as an intern and then as a resident in general surgery and maxillofacial surgery, he eventually specialized in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

He earned the following degrees:
» Diploma from the French College for Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Paris)
» Specialist Diploma in Face Plastic Surgery
» College Diploma in Tégumentologie and Brûlologie (to salve Burns) (Toulouse)
» Medical Qualification in in plastic surgery by the National Medical Council of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Dr. Mohamed GUESSOUS participates in multiple medical national and international conferences (in Europe and the USA) and has to his credit multiple participations to conferences and scientific articles published in international journals.


I decided to create Guess Clinic so that Casablanca has finally a place totally dedicated to plastic cosmetic surgery, a place that offers the service, professionalism and elegance of a prestigious hotel.

I imagined for you experiencing a great stay where all aims to please you: personalized welcoming, qualified staff, listening and advice according to your expectations, so that you feel in a warm and reassuring atmosphere during your stay.

Guess Clinic meets International applicable standards, a highly qualified medical staff and set of last generation high tech equipment. You may stay in one of the 10 private rooms we have arranged for extreme comfort. Each room is unique, friendly and personalized to a theme that invites to escape and dream. Everything has been designed to satisfy the most disparate tastes and desires.

In my quest for ultimate comfort within Guess Clinic, I wanted to bring all the services that could meet your needs and expectations. This is why Guess Clinic gathers Guess Esthetic (Cosmetic Medicine), Guess Laser (Laser Platform: rejuvenation, hair removal), Guess Intimate (gynecological cosmetic surgery), DHI Maroc (hair transplantation) and Guess Spa (wellness and slimming).

Guess Spa is the guarantee you will fully appreciate a moment of pure relaxation and escape within the clinic before and after your surgery. A healing and wellness universe, Guess Spa offers a luxurious and varied range of relaxation and beauty treatments. You will experience a magical moment where serenity of body and mind make one.

Dr. Mohamed GUESSOUS