Good evening bloggers,
Through a friend I knew this blog was dedicated to Dr. Mohamed Guessous. As soon as I knew I immediately wanted to share my experience but also my turn to thank Dr. Mohamed Guessous for his excellent work, which has also allowed me to find a “normal” life and uninhibited.
Since college, I was complexed with my nose was very long and with a bump, I also suffered a lot of teasing about it for several years, I talked to my parents so that they can understand what what I face every day.
Then we made ​​a decision and with knowledge, Dr. Mohamed Guessous was recommended to me.
I made ​​an appointment on the day of the consultation I asked a lot of questions: Am I ready to resort to this surgery, Is this is a painful operation ….?
Once my problem statement, Dr. Mohamed Guessous able to advise me, put me at ease, reassure me and above all it made ​​me dream!!
I can tell you that his words were not in vain, he made ​​sure that in my life things are fine now, I feel more beautiful, more free, more sociable and more importantly it has allowed me to have social life where I am no longer forced to hide.
Today three years have passed, and every day when I look at myself in the mirror thank Dr. Guessous without whom none of this would be possible.
I’m really lucky to have known Dr. Mohamed Guessous and a big thanks also to his team Guess Clinic.

Mary COHN (From NL)

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