I came here to make a fresh face, I knew nothing Dr. Guessous , my mother who one day Meknes took a taxi, the driver told him about following an accident that his son , he told her that it was a very good surgeon , clinic worthy of the name , I looked a bit on the internet , I was torn between the two Guessous , I realized that there were two, one who has studied in Brazil and the other in France , after more research I chose Dr. Mohamed Guessous , who was educated in France , and my mother told me that someone has already mentioned it , I made an appointment in January , I came with my mother, he explained to me very well intervention and suites , the service was very good, it went well , perfect service , nurses very nice and available. It takes good care of us, everything is impeccable.

When I arrived , I received it in his office , he had my picture my file , he revised it again my tracing my explained again , he told me here I ‘ll do that , I’ll take that muscle I made me feel confident , I was not afraid , when you spoke to me before the surgery , I said I do not know if I let someone touch my face, it really got to be really professional , but it was really the case because I ‘ve seen a lot of stories about him , he knows what he’s doing. I also took advantage of the spa is beautiful the way .

Before choosing Dr. Guessous I have long hesitated to my eyes it was very difficult to accept, because as a child I had problems with the eye, thus pitting under the eyes etc. . , So I put a lot of time, and I saw a documentary about cosmetic surgery etc. . , including clinical Guess clinic, and then I saw a new report after two years on people who had an operation and who said their assessments , so I had seen someone on the Corsican , I looked around , as Tunisia, and I did a mail to the clinic, Soraya was very very very nice she responded to all my emails even sils were a bit ” stupid ” , she said , so I went on the internet I chose Morocco.

In Corsica you know there are a lot of Moroccan so I like Morocco and the people who live there , it’s a bit random internet , regarding nurses I can not say HAT , really all they are very nice , the nurse has the maid , they were perfect, every time I need something they came etc … At the spa, they are fairies , I can only be very happy , I ‘m sorry but I can not say anything negative I have not felt. I have nothing to reproach has my stay, I can say unfortunately what we do not know the procedure you do not ask enough questions about the procedure how its going etc, it is far more that is normal , we’ll go and see the Dr and then leave and then come back … to me it was good and not good on one side, … By cons I had no fear when I decided , I ‘ I had confidence in Dr. Guessous , it went very well, I have no regrets.

 —  Nadin JOHN (From UK)

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