Good evening bloggers, Through a friend I knew this blog was dedicated to Dr. Mohamed Guessous. As soon as I knew I immediately wanted to share my experience but also my turn to thank Dr. Mohamed Guessous for his excellent work, which has also allowed me to find a “normal” life and uninhibited. Since college, […]

Hello to you dear bloggers, I heard about this blog through my cousineJ, and I was really happy to know that a blog for Dr. Mohamed Guessous was created. I am eager to share my experiences with you and also to tell you that Dr. Mohamed Guessous is a good surgeon and that a person […]

I came here to make a fresh face, I knew nothing Dr. Guessous , my mother who one day Meknes took a taxi, the driver told him about following an accident that his son , he told her that it was a very good surgeon , clinic worthy of the name , I looked a […]